Recognising the principles of inspiring PR professionals

PR has long struggled with its reputation.  Far from being a vehicle to ‘establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics’, those publics can see it as ‘spin’ that is there to excuse poor behaviour or to steer attention away from an uncomfortable truth.

However, the day to day reality of PR is, largely, very different and there are those individuals who achieve and inspire, and are outstanding for all the right reasons.

Nominations are now open for industry awards that recognise individuals of exceptional character, principle and determination and not just professional achievement.

The Suzy Ferguson Spirit Awards were created to honour the memory of Suzy Ferguson, a PR professional who died of bowel cancer aged 31.  Her work impacted clients and fellow professionals and she was a positive force in her community outside of work.

The awards are now in their fourth year. The number of inspirational entries has grown to such an extent that 2017 will be the first time there will be two awards to recognise both a ‘rising star’ and an ‘experienced PR professional who sets a shining example through mentoring and championing others’.

These awards are a clear demonstration that there is a lot in the world of PR to be proud of.  In an industry where strategies are applauded and results celebrated, these are a refreshing look at professionals with passion and compassion, who are achieving because of their attitude to their career and those around them.

Sound like anyone you know?

Nominations are open until Friday 23rd December.


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